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  • Displays a list of Carrier Routes in a 5-digit ZIP Code.
  • Type of Carrier Route (PO Box, City, Rural).
  • Number of Deliveries: Business, Apartment, PO Box, Residential
  • Carrier Route Counts updated on 12-29-2017

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226 ZIP+4 Codes in Carrier Route H001
ZIP Code 65669

Map of Carrier Route Map
200 to 299Accacia DR  65669-8153Map 
300 to 399Accacia DR  65669-8152Map 
400 to 499Accacia DR  65669-8151Map 
100 to 199Akita Run RD  65669-8316Map 
400 to 499Akita Run RD  65669-8317Map 
1 to 99Akita Run RD  65669-8339Map 
300 to 399Akita Run RD  65669-8344Map 
200 to 299Akita Run RD  65669-8348Map 
500 to 599Akita Run RD  65669-8442Map 
300 to 399Alder RD  65669-8154Map 
600 to 699Alder RD  65669-8155Map 
100 to 199Ball Hill RD  65669-8412Map 
1 to 99Ball Hill RD  65669-8413Map 
100 to 199Bear RDG  65669-8401Map 
300 to 399Bear RDG  65669-8387Map 
400 to 499Bear RDG  65669-8385Map 
500 to 599Bear RDG  65669-8383Map 
200 to 299Bear RDG  65669-8394Map 
100 to 199Bear Cub CT  65669-8381Map 
200 to 299Bear Cub CT  65669-8388Map 
100 to 199Bear Den CT  65669-8396Map 
100 to 199Bigfoot RD  65669-8419Map 
300 to 399Bigfoot RD  65669-8418Map 
1 to 99Bigfoot RD  65669-8422Map 
100 to 199Castle LN  65669-8096Map 
500 to 599Dairy RD  65669-8184Map 
900 to 999Dairy RD  65669-8183Map 
700 to 799Dairy RD  65669-8416Map 
300 to 399Dairy RD  65669-8440Map 
2000 to 2099Glossip AVE  65669-8424Map 
200 to 299Glossip AVE  65669-8133Map 
500 to 599Glossip AVE  65669-8068Map 
600 to 699Glossip AVE  65669-8136Map 
700 to 799Glossip AVE  65669-8137Map 
800 to 899Glossip AVE  65669-8006Map 
1000 to 1099Glossip AVE  65669-8007Map 
1200 to 1299Glossip AVE  65669-8008Map 
1300 to 1399Glossip AVE  65669-8009Map 
1500 to 1599Glossip AVE  65669-8010Map 
1900 to 1999Glossip AVE  65669-8011Map 
100 to 199Glossip AVE  65669-8329Map 
1800 to 1899Glossip AVE  65669-8345Map 
1700 to 1799Glossip AVE  65669-8347Map 
1100 to 1199Glossip AVE  65669-8360Map 
200 to 299Grandview RD  65669-8005Map 
300 to 399Grandview RD  65669-8004Map 
400 to 499Grandview RD  65669-8003Map 
700 to 799Grandview RD  65669-8002Map 
900 to 999Grandview RD  65669-8001Map 
600 to 699Grandview RD  65669-8414Map 
800 to 899Grandview RD  65669-8443Map 
100 to 199Great View RD  65669-8312Map 
1 to 99Great View RD  65669-8311Map 
1200 to 1299Great View RD  65669-8313Map 
200 to 299Hawthorne RD  65669-7155Map 
900 to 999Hawthorne RD  65669-8350Map 
400 to 499Hawthorne RD  65669-8012Map 
1300 to 1399Hawthorne RD  65669-8000Map 
1400 to 1499Hawthorne RD  65669-8076Map 
1600 to 1699Hawthorne RD  65669-8199Map 
1700 to 1799Hawthorne RD  65669-8198Map 
1100 to 1199Hawthorne RD  65669-8415Map 
800 to 899Hawthorne RD  65669-8411Map 
1 to 99Hawthorne LN  65669-6500Map 
100 to 199Hawthorne RD  65669-7121Map 
1 to 99Hooten Ridge RD  65669-7150Map 
100 to 199Hooten Ridge RD  65669-7166Map 
200 to 299Hooten Ridge RD  65669-7149Map 
300 to 399Hooten Ridge RD  65669-7153Map 
400 to 499Hooten Ridge RD  65669-7151Map 
300 to 399Julip LN  65669-8361Map 
200 to 299Julip LN  65669-8352Map 
300 to 399Lebow RD  65669-8192Map 
500 to 599Lebow RD  65669-8193Map 
600 to 699Lebow RD  65669-8194Map 
800 to 899Lebow RD  65669-8195Map 
900 to 999Lebow RD  65669-8423Map 
1 to 99Lee Cemetary RD  65669-7136Map 
100 to 199Lee Cemetary RD  65669-7135Map 
1200 to 1299Lee Cemetary RD  65669-7137Map 
1058 to 1099Loblolly RD  65669-8089Map 
400 to 499Loblolly RD  65669-8358Map 
700 to 799Loblolly RD  65669-7143Map 
1400 to 1499Loblolly RD  65669-7142Map 
1600 to 1699Loblolly RD  65669-8314Map 
1200 to 1299Loblolly RD  65669-8338Map 
300 to 399Loblolly RD  65669-8179Map 
800 to 899Loblolly RD  65669-8178Map 
1 to 99Lorens LN  65669-7144Map 
200 to 299Lorens LN  65669-7145Map 
100 to 199Lorens LN  65669-7172Map 
100 to 199Mayberry RD  65669-8156Map 
400 to 499Mayberry RD  65669-8160Map 
600 to 699Mayberry RD  65669-8159Map 
800 to 899Mayberry RD  65669-8157Map 
900 to 999Mayberry RD  65669-8158Map 
100 to 199Montague RD  65669-8170Map 
400 to 499Montague RD  65669-8167Map 
500 to 599Montague RD  65669-8168Map 
600 to 699Montague RD  65669-8169Map 
1300 to 1399Montague RD  65669-8180Map 
1400 to 1499Montague RD  65669-8181Map 
2100 to 2199Montague RD  65669-8182Map 
1000 to 1099Montague RD  65669-8066Map 
700 to 799Montague RD  65669-7902Map 
1500 to 1599Montague RD  65669-8359Map 
2400 to 2499Montague RD  65669-8377Map 
200 to 299Montague RD  65669-8429Map 
2500 to 2599Montague RD  65669-7165Map 
300 to 399Montague RD  65669-8449Map 
200 to 299Mulling DR  65669-7903Map 
300 to 399Mulling DR  65669-8071Map 
500 to 599Mulling DR  65669-8073Map 
600 to 699Mulling DR  65669-8072Map 
400 to 499New ST  65669-7110Map 
200 to 299Owl LN  65669-8395Map 
100 to 199Owl LN  65669-8389Map 
900 to 999Peachtree DR  65669-8426Map 
300 to 399Peachtree DR  65669-8069Map 
500 to 599Pleasant View RD  65669-7148Map 
2500 to 2599Pleasant View RD  65669-7158Map 
1 to 99Pleasant View RD  65669-7127Map 
100 to 199Pleasant View RD  65669-7128Map 
200 to 299Pleasant View RD  65669-7123Map 
300 to 399Pleasant View RD  65669-7129Map 
700 to 799Pleasant View RD  65669-7130Map 
800 to 899Pleasant View RD  65669-7131Map 
1800 to 1899Pleasant View RD  65669-7134Map 
1900 to 1999Pleasant View RD  65669-7133Map 
2800 to 2899Pleasant View RD  65669-7138Map 
3300 to 3399Pleasant View RD  65669-7139Map 
3400 to 3499Pleasant View RD  65669-7140Map 
1500 to 1599Pleasant View RD  65669-7175Map 
1200 to 1299Pleasant View RD  65669-7132Map 
3100 to 3199Pleasant View RD  65669-7167Map 
400 to 499Pleasant View RD  65669-7154Map 
2900 to 2999Pleasant View RD  65669-7170Map 
400 to 499Ponderosa RD  65669-8369Map 
100 to 199Ponderosa RD  65669-8166Map 
800 to 899Ponderosa RD  65669-8165Map 
900 to 999Ponderosa RD  65669-8070Map 
1000 to 1099Ponderosa RD  65669-8161Map 
400 to 499Poplar DR  65669-8197Map 
500 to 599Poplar DR  65669-8090Map 
600 to 699Poplar DR  65669-8196Map 
200 to 299Prism LN  65669-7109Map 
300 to 399Prism LN  65669-7103Map 
100 to 199Prism DR  65669-7163Map 
200 to 299Prism DR  65669-7164Map 
1 to 99Prism LN  65669-7114Map 
100 to 199Prism LN  65669-7113Map 
600 to 699Rainbow Valley DR  65669-7118Map 
800 to 899Rainbow Valley DR  65669-7147Map 
100 to 199Rainbow Valley DR  65669-7156Map 
400 to 499Rainbow Valley DR  65669-7115Map 
500 to 599Rainbow Valley DR  65669-7116Map 
700 to 799Rainbow Valley DR  65669-7117Map 
400 to 499Rainbow Valley RD  65669-7111Map 
200 to 299Rainbow Valley DR  65669-7108Map 
300 to 399Rainbow Valley DR  65669-7112Map 
600 to 699Ranch Estate DR  65669-7162Map 
800 to 899Ranch Estate DR  65669-7159Map 
200 to 299Ranch Estate DR  65669-7169Map 
100 to 199Ranch Estate DR  65669-8404Map 
900 to 999Ranch Estate DR  65669-8351Map 
400 to 499Ranch Estate DR  65669-7171Map 
400 to 499Reno Hollow RD  65669-8045Map 
1 to 99Rhea LN  65669-8407Map 
1 to 99Rock House RD  65669-7141Map 
1 to 99Semi LN  65669-8340Map 
3617 to 3619
(Only Odd)
State Highway Ee  65669-9101Map 
3643 to 3645
(Only Odd)
State Highway Ee  65669-9102Map 
3400 to 3499State Highway Ee  65669-8364Map 
3499A State Highway Ee  65669-8448Map 
3800 to 3899State Highway O  65669-8310Map 
100 to 199State Highway O  65669-8301Map 
500 to 599State Highway O  65669-8362Map 
1000 to 1099State Highway O  65669-8366Map 
3900 to 3999State Highway O  65669-7100Map 
4200 to 4299State Highway O  65669-7101Map 
4700 to 4799State Highway O  65669-7104Map 
5100 to 5199State Highway O  65669-7105Map 
5400 to 5499State Highway O  65669-7106Map 
5800 to 5899State Highway O  65669-7107Map 
6200 to 6299State Highway O  65669-7119Map 
2600 to 2699State Highway O  65669-7901Map 
300 to 399State Highway O  65669-8141Map 
400 to 499State Highway O  65669-8142Map 
600 to 699State Highway O  65669-8143Map 
1100 to 1199State Highway O  65669-8144Map 
1300 to 1399State Highway O  65669-8145Map 
1500 to 1599State Highway O  65669-8146Map 
1700 to 1799State Highway O  65669-8147Map 
2000 to 2099State Highway O  65669-8148Map 
2100 to 2199State Highway O  65669-8149Map 
2500 to 2599State Highway O  65669-8150Map 
3000 to 3099State Highway O  65669-8074Map 
3100 to 3199State Highway O  65669-8075Map 
3200 to 3299State Highway O  65669-8171Map 
3300 to 3399State Highway O  65669-8172Map 
3400 to 3499State Highway O  65669-8173Map 
900 to 999State Highway V  65669-8190Map 
200 to 299Stu CIR  65669-7152Map 
100 to 199Stu CIR  65669-7102Map 
300 to 399The Loop RD  65669-7126Map 
400 to 499The Loop RD  65669-7125Map 
700 to 799The Loop RD  65669-7124Map 
1000 to 1099The Loop RD  65669-7122Map 
1400 to 1499The Loop RD  65669-7120Map 
1500 to 1599The Loop RD  65669-7174Map 
1700 to 1799The Loop RD  65669-7173Map 
100 to 199Todd Mountain DR  65669-7161Map 
200 to 299Todd Mountain DR  65669-7157Map 
100 to 199Tory Creek RD  65669-8164Map 
300 to 399Tory Creek RD  65669-8162Map 
400 to 499Tory Creek RD  65669-8163Map 
6600 to 6699Us Highway 160 S  65669-8139Map 
6700 to 6799Us Highway 160 S  65669-8140Map 
6900 to 6999Us Highway 160 S  65669-8138Map 
7200 to 7299Us Highway 160 S  65669-8013Map 
7800 to 7899Us Highway 160 S  65669-8346Map 
7100 to 7199Us Highway 160 S  65669-8080Map 
100 to 149Valleyview RD  65669-8343Map 
100 to 199White LN  65669-8134Map 
200 to 299White LN  65669-8135Map 
100 to 122Wright CIR  65669-9100Map 

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